Sports Physicals

EL02 Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation

Bay Regional Urgent Care is a convenient and affordable option for you students annual sports physical.

What is involved?

  • Measure height and weight.
  • Take pulse rate and blood pressure.
  • Check the heart and lungs.
  • Check neurological function such as reflexes, coordination, and strength.
  • Test your child’s vision and hearing.
The Florida High School Athletic Association requires a pre-participation physical examination each year.


Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation

Download blank FHSAA pre-participation physical forms

9.7 PHYSICAL EVALUATION (FHSAA Form EL2– Pre-participation Physical Examination)

9.7.1 Student Must Have a Physical Evaluation Each Year. A student must have a physical evaluation each year and be certified as being physically fit to participate in interscholastic athletic programs. A physical evaluation shall
be valid for a period not to exceed one calendar year from the date of practitioner’s signature. The student cannot be allowed to participate in any activity related to interscholastic athletic programs until the fully executed physical evaluation form is on file in the school. (s.1002.20(17)(b), Florida Statutes)

9.7.2 Qualified Practitioners. The annual physical evaluation must be administered either by a licensed physician, a licensed osteopathic physician, a licensed chiropractic physician, a licensed physician assistant, or a certified advanced registered nurse practitioner.

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